Sunday, October 24, 2010

Essays, Disney, and Pumpkins...OH MY!

Salam and good evening to you worthy friends!

Well it's that time of the year again, writing papers after papers until there is no tomorrow! Writing papers is something I hate to do unless if it's writing a blog like this one then I enjoy it. But writing a research paper really suck ass!!! Math has always been my subject of choice because I find working with numbers is much easier than working with words and grammar and all that fun stuff. I haven't had math in a while so I might stink at it now but once I get back into it I'm quick with those numbers.

Well the weekend is almost over and it was pretty fun. I ended up watching Disney On Ice on Saturday and it was cool. I saw it on Wednesday too haha so nice gotta see it twice! I really enjoy those shows because it brings families together and Disney rocks my socks! The next showing won't be back until February but I will be there when it comes!!!

Halloween is almost here!!! This is going to be the only holiday I'm pretty excited about because this year Jesse and I are going to dress up as Brandon and Andy from the Goonies! (Google it) We will be attending my cousin Laura's party and it's going to be fun. We'll be playing some games, playin some Wii, trick-or-treating, and when the kids go to bed...AFTER PARTY!!! (for 21 years and older) I can't wait! And for the day of Halloween Jess and I are going to stay home, carve our pumpkins and watch scary movies all night while I give out candy to the little ones. I can't wait!!!

Now back to my stupid essay. >:(

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

As Days Go By


I always have a hard time keeping these things up. So I'm going to try to keep this up to date. Well my life has completely changed because I recently lost my older sister to cancer. And even though it's already been 3 months, I still cannot believe she is gone. I mean I know she will always be in my heart and I know she is watching over me, but still I would give anything just to see her, hug her, and to hear her voice! I still cry now and then and sometimes I would spend my whole day just thinking of her and how much I miss her.

I see a therapist from time to time and she told me everything I'm feeling is normal. I told her that I'm in the anger stage and that I just get very angry at mostly everything. For example, when ever I hear about the cancer centers and if I hear "there's hope" that's when I lose it. Hope??? I don't think so. I honestly think those people are not doing shit over there and people are wasting their money if they donate. I'm starting not to trust doctors. And I know this sounds horrible of me but when I hear people talking about how they beat their cancer for whatever years, I just want to say "WHAT THE FUCK!" My sister only had hers for a year and then she's gone. IT JUST ISN'T FAIR!!! She had he whole life ahead of her but God had other plans for her. Again I say what the fuck. I also tell my therapist that I wonder about myself. How do I know if I have cancer also? What if I'm in stage 2 and I don't know it? Will they find it when I'm 25 and in stage 4 like my sister? I'm I only going to live for 26 years also? I ask these questions because my sister was fine and she went to go see the doctor for a check up 2 weeks before!!! This is why I don't trust doctors.

God I have so many god damn questions that will never be answered! Ever since this happen, I'm starting to look at things different. Like just the fact that I have my vision I'm greatful for. Oh yeah folks my sister lost her vision the fucken cancer took that from her. The day of her funeral her doctor said that the cancer took over most of her organs and body however, it didn't take over her heart. If anybody who knew my sister we all know how big of a heart she had. That's why the fucken cancer couldn't take it. Fuck you cancer you may have taken my sister's body but you didn't take her spirit away! Sister I miss you and love you with all my heart! I think about you 24/7 and I know you are still watching over me as you did in life. I love you big sister!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Dance

My first club was fun and full of energy. We all went for Renee's bachelorette party. The club we went to was called Suite one8one and the night that we went turned out to be Gay Night which was fine with me and the rest of the ladies. :)

My cousins Vero and Maribel picked me from my house around 4ish and before we left we all had to hear my mom telling them I'm an alcoholic. Blah Blah Blah....anyways we stoped at Wal-Mart for some water and snacks then we were on our way!!

When we got into SF we got lost of a while but thanks to Maribel's phone we found our way. Wow what would we do without phone today people?? I just do not know. The hotel we stayed at was at the Hilton. I have never been at a Hilton hotel before and I must say it's very fannncy!
However, this will be the last time I ever stay at the Hilton why you ask? Maybe because they are such asses. Right next to our room was an old couple and they were complaining about us being too loud. Um hello we weren't loud the TV was on and we were laughing at it. They complained 3 times and I guess on the 3rd time they called downstairs and one of the workers came up to our room. They said that if they get one more complain we are getting kicked out. That was bullshit!
So now if we wanted to talk we were all wispering at each other. After all that drama bullshit we all finally got ready and were ready to get to the club! We waited maybe about 5 mins before they let us in. And I thought it was funny because they all warned us that tonight it was going to be a "Wonderland Party" aka GAY!! We laughed and said yes we know.

We were the first people there and they showed us to our couch. I felt like I was in a movie it was nice. The lady brought us our drinks so we can start making them. The club at first was a little lame because no one was there, the music was wack, and I was waaay to sober. But maybe about an hour later more people started coming and started dancing. Since I love to dance I said "To the dance floor" and danced.

I was very upset that throughout the whole time they did not play some Lady GaGa! Instead they played techno which was something new for me and had to get used to but overall it was ALRIGHT music I guess. A little bit later the GOGO Boys started to come out and danced on polls, tables, and the little walk way they have. Now I really felt I was in an Austin Powers movie! And I loved it!!!!
We left the club around 3:30ish and went to go eat at some dinner. By this point everything was a blur and I don't really remember much. All I know is that I had super fun, made some new friends, and I love to dance. The last dance I went to was our last dance in high school! I really like going to clubs and I'm hoping I can experince more. Then I can dance to some Poka Face!!! Well in the words of Lady GaGa "JUST DANCE!" :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughts on Mickey

So I have to say that I'm really loving this new Mickey on the fun wheel. When I had first heard about it and after seeing the blueprints I didn't agree with it and thought it was going to look stupid. But as I can see I was wrong. For that I must apologize for doubting the Disney Imagineers. Now I cannot wait to see the rest of the new Disney's Calfornia. I really hope that this new makeover will help it and make it just as magical as Disneyland. But of course NOTHING will ever be greater than good old DL. Next to show up is the World of Color. Just the name itself makes it sound like it's going to be a show to remember. This is what I'm waiting for!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


WTF!!! This is nasty.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday Review

O-M-G! My birthday was a good one indeed! My family were the first ones to get there and they bought me Lee's Sandwiches mmm. We left my house at 4:30 because the BJ's people wanted us to be there half hour before. I was so excited to order my very first drink. So when she came by me I ordered a Pina Colada because it sounded cool and I love that song! BUT the lady didn't even card me!!!! I freaken waited 21 years to be carded and nothing! What the flip!?!?! Couple mins my friends ended up showing up and soon my whole party were there. After I finished my first drink I went to the bar with Ping and she was teaching me the ways of the bar. haha The guy carded me and was looking at it for a while because he was doing the math HA. Then he said happy bday to me as well as the other people sitting at the bar. I felt so grown up haha. After my friends wanted me to go hangout with them and they wanted me to get messed up cus it's my bday! haha So they asked my parents and they said ok however these were my mom's rules I had to be home no later than 10 and get this NO DRINKING!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?! NO DRINKING ON MY 21ST BDAY!!!!!! That was fucken ridiculous!!!! Well after they left Ping took me to the bar and got me another drink haha I love her! And soon after I finished it my uncle came and took me stright to the bar to take a shot with him. HAHA I failed I couldn't take it stright. But it's ok I'm still learning. Then I left with my friends. My friend Eddie was in charge of me and we went to saveway to buy some drinks. The guy the checkout wanted to see my ID and then he laughed and told me happy bday. People are so nice and I love showing my ID and looking at the faces of these people! haha IT'S REAL FOO! We all went to Israel's house and they gave me more drinks at this point things were starting to get blurry but it's ok because I can still walk. When I got home my mom was in my face telling me something. I honestly don't remember what I said or she said hahaha!! After I passed out on my bed and in the middle of the night that's when I threw up! Not only was that gross but I missed the bin so about half of it was on the floor. YUCK!!!! I didn't know this till this morning. I don't get hangovers but I did feel dizzy and very sleepy so I didn't go to school or work. Well besides my mom yelling at me, throwing up on the floor, and scaring my dog I had a pretty good bday. haha

I want to give thanks to: Jeannine, Eddie, Sully, Sal, Juanita, Christine, Robert, Chris, Laura, Jr, Ralphie, Sonia, My Aunts and Uncles, My Grandma, and of course The Parents.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jack, Disney, Bar and Birthday

I just learned good news...JACK IS BACK! I have been following him on twitter and they have said that he is back. This makes me happy! I heart Jack and I'm glad that he is back. Now make a new Jack deal and make a new antenna ball!
I have 5 more days until I'm 21. I'm super excited! The day of my bday I'm just having a family dinner with a few of my closet friends. However, the next Saturday that's the day I'm going to "celebrate" my 21st at Tres. I have my outfit for Tres but I still need a nice top for my dinner because I want to look nice. Also in 3 weeks my Disney crew and I will be going to Disneyland to celebrate my bday also. So I think this would be the best bday I had. I just hope it doesn't rain over there in Disneyland but if it does, bust out the Mickey umbrella! I'm hoping the weather will be nice. No matter what the weather is though I will have fun because bestfriend is going with me. 23 more days!!! And to THE LOST BAR!

Today was fun because I went to school, had starbuck with my friend Carlos, painted, and now I'm here in History class. Today also I learned that things aren't going to work out with the boy I was dating because there is no time for anything. But I'm really ok with it because he was honest and so was I and we're just going to stay friends which it doesn't make a difference because we felt like friends any ways. I'm just happy to know and I can move on. And beside I'm focused on more important things like my art, my family, and spending time with my friends because summer is just around the coner!!! Beach time!!! :)

PS. Shout out to Erine who is sitting next to me :p